Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aquarium caring tropical fish.

Aquarium is an enclosed clear-sided container made of high strength plastic or constructed glass for keeping your tropical fish with the habitat used for your aquarium plants also.
Tropical fish in an aquarium should be properly taken care of by regular monitoring of the fish and aquarium conditions by checking the waters for bacteria, parasite or fungi occurrences.

Always monitor the health of your tropical fish. These are easy ways to determine the health of your tropical fish.

1. Inspect the tropical fish scales for discoloration, growths or wounds.

2. Blood or cloudiness should not be present in your tropical fish eyes.

3. Any abnormal movement of your tropical fish could be a sign of problems, remove these fish immediately with a net and keep separate for further observation. If these tropical fish are expensive you might want to consult with your pet shop or a vet.

4. Feed your tropical fish sparingly. Use one-day intervals and vary the diet.

5. Regular replacement once a week of 10 percent of the aquarium water without the use of chlorinated water. This will keep your aquarium water level at optimum. Some evaporation may be present depending on the room temperature.

5. Algae form against the aquarium sides and should be cleaned regularly. Not less than once a week.

6. Check filters and oxygen supplier equipment very regularly. Clean or replace if necessary.

7. Test the aquarium water regularly but not less than two weeks and keep a close watch on ammonia, nitrate, pH levels or nitrite. This is a must!

8. Keep the gravel and other decorations in your aquarium clean.

9. Keeping saltwater or freshwater tropical fish will determine the equipment in your aquarium.
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